Healthy Harvesters Program

Youth who are enrolled in any SGVCC program have the ability to join the Healthy Harvesters program. Some of our youth attend the Youth Build Charter High School and others are enrolled into our various work programs.

Our youth workers, 95% are Latino, and between 16-24 years old, living at poverty level, and are considered at risk of dropping out of their local high schools. Through Healthy Harvester, they have the opportunity to earn a small stipend, while cultivating farm land and reaching out to the local community.

Healthy Harvester Program

The Healthy Harvesters program aims to inspire participants to grow produce organically, learn about farming, and becoming advocates for healthy eating and active lifestyles.

The Healthy Harvesters program is an innovative approach to teach youth about organic farming, harvesting healthy fruits and vegetables, plant and plant care. This well-rounded program also incorporates valuable tools and life skills that support the individual in building a lifelong foundation for job training, team-building, and leadership development.