ECO Urban Gardens

EUGEco Urban Gardens (EUG) is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2015, and its mission is:

• To build school gardens through planning, building, cultivation, and maintenance
• To share the joy of growing, harvesting, preparing, and eating simple, whole foods
• To teach hands-on farming to children, and their families at their gardens
• To focus on the principles of agro-ecology, improving health and wellbeing for all

The GrowSGV program was established to assist schools in implementing the USDA’s Farm to School program – brought about by demand from local schools and communities. After a collaborative public outreach, EUG extended its mission. We believe every child deserves to know how to cultivate a garden at their schools and have the ability to grow their own food.

After a six-week internship, GrowSGV Ranchers teach students hands-on farming at their local school gardens. In collaboration with community partners, this program designs and maintains gardens, and assists each site with organic material, seeds, supply and tools.

Farm internships and workshops are promoted at local farms and gardens, to learn about organic farming, seeds, soil health, composting, crop, and harvest cultivation.

This program works with eateries to highlight a Farm-To-Table menu. EUG helps re-design the open space, and Ranchers install raised garden beds, nurture soil, cultivate crop, and assist with harvest to delight the palate of the client. EUG Ranchers work closely with the restaurant’s chef to ensure best quality of harvest for their daily menu.

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