CSA Membership

CSA Memberships:

events15Being a member of a CSA is a way to bring farm fresh, organic produce directly from our Earthworks Farm to your table each week.

Food is one of our basic needs.
Food brings the family together.
Food starts a conversation.

The Product:

Earthworks Farm provides the following:

  1. A reusable Earthworks Farm box full of farm fresh seasonal produce and fruits.
  2. All produce is grown at the Farm and is harvested within 24 hours from pickup.
  3. Box of produce is picked up weekly at the Farm location in South El Monte.
  4. Members receive in their weekly pickup a variety of seasonal harvest.

The Cost:

When you become a CSA member, you are purchasing a “share” of the harvest!

  1. The cost to the CSA member is $20.00 for a small box, or $30.00 for a large box per weekly pickup, plus one (1) box.
  2. CSA member returns the box each week, to be filled up with your “share” of harvest. If needed, a replacement box will be available for a small fee.
  3. The Earthworks Farm CSA membership is pre-paid.
  4. A minimum commitment of one (1) month is required to begin your subscription.

Your pre-paid membership enables your farmer to plan for the season, purchase new seed, maintain the farm, and more.

How to become a CSA Member:

Click here to send us a registration request and we’ll contact you shortly with more information.

Membership is limited, so apply now to join the Earthworks Farm CSA Program.

More questions, and information needed:

Contact Marianne Zaugg, Earthworks Farm Program Director, at info@earthworksfarmgarden.org or call (626) 374-3504.