Marianne ZauggMarianne Zaugg,
Program + Development Director

Earthworks Farm is the hub for organic farming to bring affordable, farm-fresh produce to the dinner table. Marianne Zaugg, a fund development strategist, has been working for more than two decades with various agencies. She develops programs, writes grants, and builds resources to serve the communities to support the wellbeing of neighborhoods.

Angel AbarcaAngel Abarca, Senior Farmer
Angel Abarca was born in Mexico, where he grew-up on a farm and farmed vegetables like Onions, Beets, Lettuce, Cauliflower, Beans, Corn, Chilies, and Cucumbers.

“When I arrived in Los Angeles, I continued farming in the communities of Pico Rivera and El Monte. I have been growing fruits and vegetables at Earthworks Farm for the past six years. I enjoy working for the community, as I know that they will be able to have access to naturally grown vegetables”.

Jessy GrajedaJessy Grajeda, Farm Hand
As an understudy of our Senior Farmer Angel, Jessy has developed his skills as a farmer based on the principles of organic agriculture. Concurrently, Jessy is enrolled as a student in the Rio Hondo College to finish his undergraduate degree.

Farm Educator and Program Coordinator

Richard-MelendrezRichard Melendrez, Field Farm Hand
Looking to educate myself in the area of organic agriculture, horticulture, and train people in healthier eating habits along with environmental awareness. Presently working on my undergraduate degree and attending nutritional education program.

Teresa WongTeresa Wong, Master Gardener + Chef
Teresa Wong works with our school gardens and teaches our bi-monthly garden workshops. As a Chef, she shares recipes that are included in our Farm-To-Fork Blog, and works closely with our farm team in organic farming and healthy eating.